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Interior designers in Pakistan need to be tricky while designing a home. Their task is to blend right color scheme with perfect accessories. They need to fix everything in such a way that the space gives the audience an aesthetic and functional look and makes them feel comfortable.

Sometimes, we still find some missing places and items around and to fill the space accordingly, interior designers in Pakistan initiate a troubleshooting process. Through this process, they identify the mistakes and resolve the issue, but the issue is that it happens again and again and for that, we will identify some mistakes, which create discomfort in living and expose errors.

Table Height Is Not According To Your Requirement

The issue of table adjustment is common and we need to move a lot to pick the glass of water or a cup of tea. It is due to the reason of table height, which is too low, sometimes or higher than our expectation. For sofas and couches, especially, an end table is a perfect solution because it gives approximately the same height and everything will be in a perfect reach.

Mix Patterns Of Same Size And In A Single Place

Interior designers are mixing patterns of multiple prints frequently, but it does not work in a single room due to multiple prints and the visitors consider it sensory overwhelming. The solution is to adopt patterns of different scales.  Different proportions of the prints can be more suitable, beautiful and eye-catching.

Décor Is Too Much Generic

Generic designs are easy to handle, but it becomes difficult to manage little spaces perfectly with them. Home decorating stores arrange the accessories according to the requirement, which means that we need to buy all the items for perfect décor. But, we do not buy all the items and therefore, find empty spaces around. Interior designers resolve this issue by managing the empty spaces artistically.

You Have Not Enough Space Between The Furniture

If you cannot move easily between the seating and side items, you feel discomfort while sit in front of the coffee table or your head touches any of the accessory, you need to improve the interior design of your home. The only solution is to create a space in your room. Interior designers recommend walkways of 36 degrees to move easily and feel comfortable.

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