ArchitectureHow To Make Your Home Safer And More Accessible?

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To feel comfortable and secure in your house or the residences of your family members, it is essential. It can be challenging for persons with disabilities to feel secure and at home. Many houses weren’t built with mobility aids or assistive technology in mind. Many disabled persons experience unwelcomeness in their homes.

The top best construction company in Lahore can do a lot to make a dangerous area safe and accessible for everyone. Best interior designer in Lahore produced this manual to assist you in making quick and practical adjustments to your home’s accessibility.

There are many ways to make your home safer and more accessible, which are as follows:

Get A Security System

It’s difficult to quantify the precise number of prospective burglars that home alarm systems dissuade. You’ll come across contrasting responses as you browse the web. Some thieves avoid tampering with security measures. Some people feel safe blocking specific brands.

Nevertheless, the majority of would-be thieves do not want to get caught, regardless of how they feel about alarm systems. Purchase a security system as a result, especially one that notifies even when turned off. It’s likely that a thief may pass over your home in search of simpler prey.

Integrate Window Sensors

Open/closed or entrance sensors are other names for window sensors. They will alert you when a window or door opens or closes when they are added to one. An excellent first step in making your house more secure is to guard potential access.

Both a home automation system and a home security system can use sensors. Actions that span both cause and effect can be made. For instance, if your door opens after midnight, you may program the sensor to turn on your bedroom light. Alternatively, you may set it to SMS you if the door opens while you’re away.

Old Cell Phones May Be Converted Into Security Cameras

Many free programs exist that may transform your outdated smartphones and tablets into security cameras. For this, Camio is our suggestion.

You cannot use your new cameras outside because the majority of phones and tablets are not waterproof. However, you may place them all throughout the house. These are particularly useful if you share a residence with a person you don’t trust, such as an adult kid who you suspect of stealing from you. Most people won’t give an old phone on a bookshelf a second thought.

Apply Window Film

Although side glass on front doors is attractive, it complicates home security because of privacy.

You can look directly into your yard with these windows at night. While being able to see others is advantageous, it is undesirable for them to be able to see you. Add some ornamental window film for a few bucks to fix the issue.

It’s also a good idea to keep a check on your windows and add extra protection to them because they might be a point of access into your house. If it is placed properly, almost any security camera may be utilised as a window camera.

Purchase A Smart Doorbell

Your eyes and ears are replaced by smart doorbells. You may utilise the tools to visually verify who is at the door when someone presses the doorbell. Some systems also offer two-way conversation, which is useful when you want to pretend to be at home even when you’re not there.


Many elderly people desire to “age in place” stay in their current residences as they age, but may worry about their safety, mobility, or other daily tasks. A few adjustments might help you maintain your independence while making your house safer and simpler to live in. There are many interior designer in Pakistan and the best architects in Pakistan. To make your home safer and more accessible you can contact the best architects in Lahore or visit the website

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