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Creating space and light in your home is an art and no one knows it better than the interior designers in Pakistan. Creating space and light is the premium task of an interior designer. However, it becomes tricky when they plan to design the layout of an open area for the residents. You actually need to trump the situation here.  

To understand it, we need to learn how it works. So, let’s explore it!  

Why should the interior designers take this tricky decision? 

An open and spacious living is a great idea that can astonish the audience. In Pakistan, we normally use open space for placing the garbage and create a generic mess there. If we intelligently use it, we can create a wonderful sitting area for our family members and casual guests. If this place is in your office, you can utilize it for official but confidential meetings and spending some free time. 

The next question is “how can we make an open area a lively place?” 

Well, we need to define it 

Before making the space useful, you need to define the area first. Removing barriers to giving away to the light and creating space to sit comfortably are the two major targets. If we are able to resolve these two issues, we can say that the basic requirements have been fulfilled. 

Drawing lights are wonderful for this particular area because it is a place that can be utilized as a drawing room if we manage them accordingly. The inclusion of sheer curtains to create separation is another wonderful idea that will help you define this area. 

Add Perks 

We can get some wonderful advantages of an open plan living space as we can incorporate large format furniture in it. There is no restriction of doorways, so oversized impulse can be purchased as well. These large perks add an honor to the place. 


Normally, in an open place, large hangings are difficult to include. However, it can be managed if we define some areas for this particular task. A visualized dual purpose unit can make this area the most attractive place in your home. The dually purposed hangings can not only facilitate the attached space that can be the dining room or the lounge but also improve the look of your open space as well. 

Create borders 

Defining borders can be tricky for you and therefore, you need to incorporate the interior designers in Pakistan, who actually how to deal it. They actually play with the furniture that will give a cohesive look to this particular area. Color combinations and wall hangings must tell the same story if you want to create a difference between an open plan living space and other areas. 

The Bottom Line 

An open space sounds wholesome but can be tricky as well. To address it exactly, the incorporation of an interior designer is a must; otherwise, it will always be considered a generic mess where every waste of your home is placed. 

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