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August 1, 2018by admin0

green-interior-designingRecently, interior designers in Pakistan have been considering green color frequently and therefore, we can see this color quite often in our surroundings now. Green color is a wonderful color for those areas where spring and summer season is long and people love to see cool colors in their homes.

As this color is young in Pakistan and people do not know how to use it, we have prepared this post to introduce it here.

As described earlier, green is a strong color and wonderful in the summer season, we need to use it intelligently with different combinations. Mixing green with pale lilac or blush pink creates a calm and harmonious environment for the residents. If you like contrast, green color with sharp white is a wonderful option. To create a show stopper impact in your room, you can easily choose green color because it is extravagant and in fashion as well.

Why It Will Get Intentions Of Pakistani Clients?

Based in Pakistan, we always get inspiration from our surroundings and personalities around us. Green color is a color of nature and therefore, makes the environment perfectly. It helps us show our ideas to our visitors and inspire them effectively. Plants are already a part of our life and when we find it in our homes and offices; we will make our home nature friendly.

How We Can Include Green In Our Homes?

Test Green With Little Touches

As we are not familiar with green color, the interior designers recommend using it with little touches. It is up to you whether you want to spend a huge amount or buy a vase with full of greenery. You can also choose a glass lamp or any other object as well as in green color. These items make your room fresh and give a spring feeling to you and your guests.

Convert Cushions In Green

You can add life in your old furniture through choosing the cushions of green color. As green is a cool color, it creates a great impact in your room during summer season. With combination of white, you can make your room stylish, attractive and comfortable. Inclusion of trims and braid adds the value of these cushions and make the environment natural. Making your own impression, you can choose two types of fabrics for your cushions as well.

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