The Ideas Of Architects In Lahore To Lower Humidity In The Rainy Season


For most of the people who are not living in Lahore, rainy or monsoon season is a wonderful time when there are rains on a daily basis and clouds are everywhere in the sky. But it is not actually that wonderful which is being considered outside the city.

The actual situation during the rainy season is that you have foggy windows, clammy feeling on your skin, and a lot of dehydration, musty odor and different types of insects around you. The basic reason of all these situations is the humidity which is increased in the monsoon. The researchers say that humidity is the basic factor which affects the mood of the citizens of Lahore as if the humidity level increases, the stress on the body and mind also increases.

Therefore, most of us want to decrease the humidity level in our homes and for that, the architects in Lahore give some wonderful ideas through which you will be able to decrease the level and make your home suitable for living easily. Although, we cannot change the inside weather completely, but there are options through which the problems can be minimized.

  • The most important thing which is suggested by the architects in Pakistan is that the house should be well-ventilated. We know that there are some places in the house where moisture remains at the highest level. These places can be kitchens, stores and washrooms. The architects suggest exhaust fans in these areas to make the internal atmosphere better. The importance of this ventilation increases when we get to know that these areas can be the cause of moisture as well, so ventilated ideas can be wonderful for making the internal weather suitable for the residents.


  • The architects in Lahore also suggest to keep the windows open of those rooms where there is no exhaust fan. The air will dry up the moisture in the room and make the temperature normal. You should this thing keep in mind that four to six pints of water increase the level of humidity inside the 1000 square foot room from 15% to 60% so try to keep the room dry.


  • Low flow shower heads have been incorporated in the latest designs of Pakistani houses introduced by the architects in Lahore as the high flow of shower heads increases the humidity of your room. So, try to use low flow shower heads or open the tap at the lower pressure.


  • It has been observed by the architects in Lahore that our kitchen burners are sizzling round the clock as we want delicious food all the day. Therefore, electronic kitchen hoods are considered the best in the Pakistani houses as other burners create humidity inside the home.


  • Another best practice is to minimize the use of humidifiers inside the house during the monsoon season as these are the cause of increased humidity. The best practice is not to use humidifiers during the monsoon season.