Major Differences Between An Interior Designer And Decorator


For expensive residential and commercial developments, we need interior designers in Pakistan. If we will have well-established brand of interior designing with us, we can achieve that particular look of our project, which we want. But, the issue is the awareness about interior designing in Pakistan. We use this term in the wrong context for most of the times and mix it with decoration in most of the situations. We will discuss the difference in the coming lines.

The issue of mixing the terms multiplied because electronic media did not draw a line between the two fields. Although, people are confused about both the terms in the whole world, but in Pakistan, people exaggerate drastically due to lack of awareness. To understand clearly, people should know what an interior designer in Pakistan can offer to his clients and what he cannot.

We engage interior designers to give an aesthetic and artistic look to our place and it must represent what we have in our personality and behavior. It means interior designers take our personality on the ground. On the other hand, a decorator will give an enticing look to our place by adding fashionable objects, fresh paint and beautiful ornaments, etc. In other words, decorator finishes the project by adding colors there. An interior designer can also be a decorator but, a decorator has a limited access and can only decorate to give finishing touches to a place.

The interior designers provide you technical solutions to make the place functional and attractive. They also enhance quality of life within a structure to reach at an approach of every single client. To reach at a right destination of approach, they interact with you and your family members to ensure that everything is according to your demand.

Many people in Pakistan do not realize the imagination and creativity that is provided by the interior designers in Pakistan and therefore, confuse the terms of designing with decoration. If our client will understand the difference, they will learn what an interior designer can contribute to add the value of your property.

In the end, interior designers also manage the decoration services to confirm that everything is in its right position. Normally, we hire these services with interior designing services, but sometimes, at some occasion, event or function, we hire decorators to enhance the look of our premises but for overall overhauling, interior designers in Pakistan are the best option.