Let’s Fool the Eyes – Make a Smaller Bedroom Look Bigger!!!!




Sometimes due to the limited space, we have to bind the area of our bedroom but this is not something to get worried about because expert interior designers in Pakistan have a better solution. By applying simple but creative interior decor techniques a designer can fool the eyes of people by making your small zone bigger.

Let’ us get to know about the tricky ideas.

Use a Lighter Tone

Though a bedroom has no limitation for the selection of colors in overall designing when it comes to decorating a smaller room, then you have to be choosy. Instead of using darker shades, use hues of light colors. White color could be a most appropriate option. White curtains, white bed covers with little self-prints, light-colored walls and light-toned other items, everything would add up to the spacious feel of the room.

Play Mirror-Trick

This is perhaps the most common but effective technique of making an area larger than it actually is. But, where to use mirrors? One full-length mirror is a “must have” part of any normal-sized bedroom but to a smaller room, you need to add more and that too in a tricky way. Your cupboard door could be a good option. Use the mirrors lengthwise, it would not only add to the beauty of the room but will also make it look bigger. On one of the walls of the room use vertical mirrors in a specific sequence.

Replace Bedside Lamps With Sconces

Bedside lamps would make a smaller bedroom even more congested. So, why not to replace them with the side sconces installed above bed headboard. Taking the eyes up and around the room, this replacement would make the bedroom look more spacious. In the market, you will find a great variety of scones get the ones which are easily adjustable in different positions.

Choose Appropriate Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for your smaller bedroom, you need to be selective for its size and type. It never means that for a smaller room, you are limited to choose small-sized furniture; rather take the measurement of the room and make a choice accordingly. Never choose a king-size bed with too expanded designs; instead, choose a simpler and sleeker design. Getting side-tables with a king-sized bed looks a bit weird.

Use Smart Storage

Smart storage not only saves space but it also helps to keep the room tidy. Choose the bed which has smart storage spaces under it. In the same way, dresser and other furniture should also have smart storage spaces.

Lastly, we can say that the small area can only be managed with the help of interior designers who actually know how to deal with it intelligently. To make it happen in your house, you can contact us and enjoy a beautiful living with comfort and ease.