How To Decorate Walls In A House?


A wall feature is one of the most prominent positions for interior designers in Pakistan, where they can create a focal point there for inspiring the visitors. Traditionally, people are stick with traditional framed art, but now, we can see some creative wall designed ideas around us.

When we visit the homes of our relatives and friends, we can observe that there is a TV on one of the walls and on the remaining ones, there is a gallery of framed pictures. Interior designers in Pakistan create sneak peek of the wall and break down the costs to consider each type of designing in a home.

Over the Stairway

When we talk about the stairway, the most popular fashion at the moment is to incorporate awkwardly shaped walls. It will not only fascinate your visitors, but also help you prove that you think differently from others.

Artworks and frames are the basic ingredient of wall decoration and help you show the simplicity on the walls. The only issue is the consistency of the picture with the frame, so if you want an eclectic look on your wall, you need all frames of one width or one finish.

In the Dining Room

There is a need of interest and warmth in a dining room and for that, interior designers add wallpapers, required light and a mirror to show off-centered grouping. To show the latest style, some designers include an oversized sconce to the side of a geometric mirror. The wallpaper must address the decorative lighting to show an ideal backdrop.

Breakfast Area

If you want to create a big impact of a small space, you need a vignette wall. To add style here in the breakfast nook, proper execution of gallery wall and implantation of hanging vases can be wonderful. The color combination is really very important in implementing these ideas because it is a small space and any extra color will spoil all your effort.

Behind the TV

In the present world, LEDs are the most important part of any designing and decorating activity. We recommend two types of wallpapers on this wall to blend the wall with the TV. To add colors, we can also add floating shelves on which some artwork and pictures can be placed. It is a wall where extra items do not work so interior designers in Pakistan try to making it simple and clutter-free.