Different Types Of Kitchen Layouts

The developments in the field of architecture have transformed the trends of construction entirely. Now, everything from a kitchen to a bathroom, a hallway and to a lawn and living room, is given equal importance. Earlier, a small space used to be allocated for kitchens but now these are given almost the same area as the other parts of the house. Even if a kitchen is smaller in area, it is designed and decorated in a way that it provides maximum functionality and an elegant look.

Architects in Pakistan have come up with new creative layout and design ideas of the kitchens which is the reason that these are divided into different types and categories, the detail of which is given as follows;

Linear Kitchen


Also known as the single line kitchen, this is perhaps the most simplest but contemporary type of cooking space. This is designed for the rooms with one partition wall. If space is a concern, then choosing a linear kitchen is the best option. This type of layout encompasses all the necessary elements like a sink, hood, oven and fridge in one single line against the wall. For the kitchen with this available space, an architect would design smart storage spaces to include maximum items.

Galley Kitchen


This type of kitchen is designed for the small spaces. Galley kitchens may have one or two parallel countertops with a walkaway space in the center. This type of kitchen area don’t have a dining space in it. Therefore, food should be serve in the dining room.



L-shaped kitchens are best for an open space cooking area, where you can set a dining table as well. This provides you maximum storage space. Even the open side of this cooking zone could be toward the dinning and this transition could add to the spacious feel of the cooking area.

U-Shaped Kitchen


This could be called as a kitchen with maximum functionality because the countertops and cabinets on three sides provide considerable storage. Even you get enough space for the fridge, microwave oven, sink, hood and for the decorative items.  If the space between is larger enough, then you can even add an island to enhance the functionality and feel of your kitchen.

Peninsula Kitchen


This is an amalgamation of u-shaped and L-shaped kitchen that provides a dinning space as well. Though, it doesn’t have an island inside but an informal table and chairs.

An architect in Lahore would suggest a type of kitchen while keeping the space and also the requirement of the client. If you want to get in any of the type described above, contact to renowned architect in your area.