Bathroom Trends 2018


Designing or renovating is not an easy task as some people think. Realistically, it is your personal spa where you come to find out comfort and relieve the stress of the whole day and therefore, you need to make it stylish and comfortable. Sometimes, it can be risky because you need a complete overhauling process and in some situations, it is quite easy and you just need to reshape it.

To fulfill all the needs of their clients, interior designers in Pakistan are introducing some new and world-acclaimed trends in the year, 2018. Let’s find out what is new in the market about bathrooms.

Matte Black Fixtures

When we see the latest trends of bathrooms, we observe that matte colors are really in. Warm colors dim with the passage of time and therefore, dark fixtures in a matte finish are getting acceptance from homeowners.

 WOW Wallpapers

Use of statement wallpapers has been very popular in the powder rooms for many years and some interior designers in Pakistan have introduced it even in the washrooms. The acceptance level is great and therefore, we are observing that many bathrooms will be equipped with wallpapers in 2018.

Sconces That Never Seen In Bathrooms

To deliver drama through sculpted sconces in a bathroom is the latest trend that has been adopted by the interior designers in Pakistan.

Statement Drapes

Normally in Pakistan, the most dusty and unattended place is the window in it. Our bad experience will not remain our part of our life as our interior designers will introduce statement drapes in 2018.

Gallery Bathroom

We normally do not know about focal points in all the places. It is that point of interaction which attracts us the most in a room. If we talk about focal point in a bathroom, it is difficult to describe, but if you can give it a shape of gallery through the herringbone floor, beautifully decorated walls and a torso sculpture, you are getting what you want in a bathroom.

Mixed Tiles

The tiles are the most integral part of any bathroom and in Pakistan, color blocked tiles will be a part of 2018 trends. We will also observe a mix of different tiles in Pakistani bathrooms in this year as international designers were using this mix already.

Furniture That Stands Freely

When you have the option of a big bathroom, you definitely incorporate some furniture. Previously, it was a part of other accessories, but now, freestanding furniture are in trend and 2018 will be the year of this type of furniture available in the bathroom.