5 Key Rules Of Decorating A Kids’ Room


Being parents, providing your kids their own personal zone in a home where they could play, study and sleep, is certainly the best you can do. However, you need to make sure if the room being prepared carries all the basic elements of a child’s need.

For this, the best you can do is hiring the services of a best interior designer in Pakistan, who follows the following 5 rules of decorating a kids’ room.

Keep Safety Above All

The kids 3 to 10 year need special care when it comes to safety. You must take care of corded blinds, outlets, lead paint, and cabinet door and switch board in their approach. Children by nature are curious, they love to explore everything they find unusual. Therefore, you need to make sure if there are no such elements left in the room which could result in a mishap. Make sure there are no naked cables or wires inside the room.

Add A Particular Theme

Once the theme of the room is decided, the rest of the interior decoration goes with it. You get a track for the entire interior decor of the kid’s room. You must be well aware of your kids’ nature, the things which attract them the most. Tell these nutty-gritty details of your interior designer in Lahore, as he would then design the room accordingly. For instance – you can add a sea life theme, galaxy theme and various others.

Choose A Color Palette

Again the color palette for the kids’ room is chosen while keeping the overall theme. Bold colors are thought to be more attractive for the kids because they respond to such colors more quickly. The color could also be differentiated on the basis of gender-for instance – girl rooms are either painted with pink, magenta or purple color, whereas for boys, shades of blue and green are used mostly.

Get Kids-Friendly Furniture

Furniture completes the interior of kids’ room, so it has to be placed. For toddlers, you need to make a careful selection because the sharp edged and extra-long furniture may raise the security concerns. Always get a furniture that doesn’t have sharp edges. The height must be chosen while keeping the age of your children.

Wall Art For Kids

Wall art is another major thing which must be incorporated into the kids’ room. It could be in the form of a wall painting, hanging art or so on. You can even paste a height chart on the wall. You can also hang your kids’ first painting in the room.

Decorating a kids’ room is a fun and once you hire the services of an interior designer, the things could be done in a much better way.