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Moving to a new place appears fascinating but is a hard task to accomplish. From the initial planning to major execution of the plan, it requires a proper framework to perform the task efficiently. Amidst all the chaos, the most annoying thing is the moving of furniture. The process involves packing of the pieces, boxing them up and then moving them to your new place. Below listed are 7 hacks that can help your procedure of moving the furniture easier and conveniently. 


Moving to another place means having a fresh space and a new lifestyle to adjust within. Such does not require things which are of no use and unsuitable for your new place. The wisest move is to declutter things and reorganize your belongings so that you do not need to sort things out after moving. You can send your filtered belongings to charity or a recycling forum so that they can be of better use.

Plan and Map

You should also know which thing belongs to which place at your new house. The best interior designer in Lahore encourages you to plan and map by sitting around with a map of your new house and your old house. Mark the previous placement spots of the furniture and look for the similar spots in your new house. This trick will save your time and lessen your burden to a great extent.


Unpacking the furniture and finding the right things at the right time is never easy. You may forget where you have put the things you need urgently while which are the things that can be unpacked with time and ease afterwards. One trick to avoid this is to label the boxes with taglines describing the elements of the box and place all the boxes in a single room. 

Collect the tools

While you plan to move out, there are numerous things you may need as you begin packing your stuff. As you search the internet, you will find the best interior designers in Lahore suggesting  a toolkit that includes zip lock bags, tape gun, caddy and blue painters tape arranged altogether. This arrangement will help you to perform quick tasks without any mess.


Check out the  interior designer in Pakistan, and you will get an idea of how you can create your space aesthetic and fresh in the minimal way possible. Prioritize the necessities for your place and the accessories which can be laid down later on so that you can pay more attention to preferences.

Make Marks

Mark the boxes according to the rooms they are supposed to be in. This will save a lot of time and will avoid creating a mess at your new place. 

Hire Help

Getting help brings a lot more peace and contentment for you while moving out as they can help you reorganize the stuff, creating boxes, arranging the important things, helping out with kitchen and toiletries and more. 

If you are planning to move out to another place, these tricks can be a life saver for you. Try these and enjoy the process.


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