Why Do We Need To Hire An Architect

Need For An Architect

Common Practice

In an underdeveloped country like Pakistan, clients are not very familiar with architects and they normally do not understand the importance of hiring them. Traditionally, our elders are more comfortable working with contractors. They start construction with a draft sketch, relying mostly on contractors and in the midway they face problems with the design, building bylaws and labor.  During construction they make alterations which raises the cost of construction and increases time period.

Who Is An Architect?

An architect is a professional who has requisite knowledge and skill to manage design and construction process as per client’s need and requirement. Space management is key while planning because heavy investments are involved and this is where a good architect uses his knowledge and evolves the layout as per the requirements in best possible way.

When To Hire An Architect?

The time is crucial especially when amount of investment is high. It is important to hire the architect in early stages when the project is in feasibility stage and the client is planning for an investment. The architect is the right person to guide you that the site is suitable for the proposed business or not. He may also provide you with better possibility of site utilization.

What Services Architects Provide?

Architects design spaces as per client’s requirements and they also administer the project throughout its construction process to make sure that their design is implemented properly. The design process includes schematic design, visualizations, detailing and their working drawings. Architects also make sure that their designs are within the bylaws and they help in getting approval from the local regulatory authorities. During construction process, they pay regular visits and help the contractor in its implementation. They also check the quality of work and advises refinement during the finish stage.

What Type Of Projects Architects Do?

Architects have the education to design all types of projects. But, the client should check architect’s experience and specialty before hiring him. Architects are capable of doing new projects as well as renovation of old projects. They may also redesign an existing building so that it can be used for a different purpose.

Architects are essential to design and construction of spaces or buildings same as doctors are to our health.