Want A Second Stores Addition? Here Is What You Need To Consider


Are you planning to maximize your home’s area for optimum usage? Yes, there is no better idea than building a second stores as it would have multiple other benefits but before making a final decision, you must take the advice of renowned Architects In Pakistan, who after taking the complete view of your house would provide you with the best options.

Let’s see which key things you must keep in view.

Know About The Regulations Apply

Every area has its own set of rules and regulations for building homes or commercial buildings which the citizens have to abide by. Therefore, before plunging into the project, you must consult the local council to confirm about the rules to apply in the area about building a second stores. The rules would specify the height of the second stores and would also take into account that how is it going to affect the neighboring buildings.

Consider The Budget

This is another most important thing you should consider on the priority basis. For this, you need to make a more realistic budget and for that you will have to ask the architect. While keeping the requirements, design layout and other miscellaneous expenditures, he/she would give you the most precise estimation.

Maintain Transition

Maintaining a design layout transition from ground to 1st floor is important because it affects the overall look of your house. What if your house was built 15 years ago and you are building a second stores now? Your architect can provide you with the best suggestion while keeping your budget and other conditions but generally there are made some changes in the facade from bottom to top. For this, you might need to do some renovation work as well.

Make Sure If Your House Can Stand A Second Stores

Before building a second stores, you need to make sure if your house can withstand the second stores. Sometimes, if a house is 15 to 20-year old and no considerable renovation work has been done during this period. Then adding up another floor would be a little risky. At other instances, some of the buildings have seepage issues, as a result of which the overall strength of the house gets affected. Therefore, getting an architect in Lahore to visit your house for a complete inspection is important.

Start On The Right Time

Selection of proper time for your renovation venture is another important thing. Don’t start the project in the rainy season.

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