Outdoor Cooking Space – Key things To Keep In Mind


The first thing that may come in your mind is why to get an outdoor kitchen if there is already an indoor kitchen in the house?

There are multiple reasons to convince you for having an outdoor kitchen at your home. For instance, if you have huge outdoor space and want to add a contemporary design element in your house, then building outdoor cooking zone is certainly a good decision. Above all, an outdoor kitchen adds more to the functionality of your outdoor area.

No matter, how much ventilation you have in your indoor kitchen, the aroma of cooking and smoke gets into other rooms, especially, while barbecuing. Therefore, most of the people avoid grilling and barbecuing in their regular kitchens because these emit a lot of aroma and smoke, which could darken the surroundings. In such situation, an outdoor cooking area is the best option as it does not just provide you a hassle-free space for cooking food but also creates a different open-space eating experience. You can get an idea about different design and layouts of outdoor kitchen from renowned architects in Pakistan

Before, going for an outdoor kitchen, you must keep the following key things in view.

Select the Best Location

Location matters, therefore, you need to choose it carefully. Your outdoor kitchen space somehow has to be linked with the indoor kitchen if not physically then functionally. You may sometimes need to import some utensils or other essentials from your indoor cooking area while cooking. Therefore, make sure, it is easily accessible from the inside. Secondly, don’t plan to construct it in such a way that the aroma coming out gets directed into the indoor of your house.

A Functional and Practical Kitchen Layout

Kitchen layout has to be more functional and practical. In functionality, an outdoor kitchen may not be less than an indoor cooking space but when it comes to design layout, you will have to be wiser. You should not have the same woodwork as you have in your indoor kitchen. You have to choose a simple and short design.

Lighting Matters

Of course, it does! You need proper lighting especially when you will cook in the evening. Make sure you have proper and enough light that is directed towards your cooking space. There should be a light fixture that is solely pointed at cooking point.

Get Proper Covering

If your outdoor kitchen is a partial cooking space and is not used on the regular basis, then get a proper covering for it like get a sheet that could cover up the stove and other elements when they are not in use.

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