Interior Designers in Pakistan say “NO MORE” To Traditional Flooring



Are you fed up of traditional flooring and want something unique in your home? Well, it is acceptable as in most of the houses in Pakistan, the traditional styles are followed and used because people do not take risks when they ask for flooring styles. The world standards have now changed and the interior designers of Pakistan are also trying to introduce new flooring styles in the country.

When we talk about the latest trends of flooring which are in fashion in the world, consistent flooring is the most favorite one. This style is followed because interior designers say that it gives you a look of large space and calm feeling. But, it is also a fact that we cannot use it in every room as the variety which is the requirement to show the variety in your house. For giving the variety, the architects have to think in a broader spectrum.

For changing the pattern or material of the floors of a room from other places, there should be a logical solution as we cannot change the floor of a particular place totally from the adjacent room. Now the imagination and creativity of the interior designers come. For the Pakistani houses, the interior designers of Pakistan vary the shades and give a variety by changing the colors of the walkaway and the remaining area is decorated in a stylish way.

It is also observed that the use of too many materials and styles makes the floor congested, small and complicated. Therefore, the varying patterns are considered the best option as it looks charming and soothing to the eyes.

There are numerous trends which are available in the market and Pakistani interior designers recommend to their clients. One of the common trends is that you can use the darker color on the stairs to show this place separately. Another trend is the varying pattern which means that there should be a sequence in the changing materials and styles so there will be the uniqueness and separation simultaneously.

For showing that a single design is used, the coordination is a must and along with that, there should be some variation as well. For giving uniqueness to the main door and entrance, some stones can also be added to give a variation to your floors. You can implement variation in the openings as well, but if the place is too big, the best option is to follow the pattern which has been applied already in the floors of the other rooms.