How To Design A Luxury Office For CEO?

The most important personality in an office, whether small or large is the CEO. Due to his importance, the office must also portray the significance of the personality. It is a place where all the major decisions about budgets and business strategies are taken. Therefore, the place should be designed in such a way that everyone must find it the most attractive and luxurious in the office.

In multinational companies and corporate world, CEO’s office is a complete package where you can arrange meetings, conduct training sessions and board meetings and invite managers for further business planning. Therefore, interior designers in Pakistan recommend a large space for handling all types of issues at one place.


If you want to have a world class CEO office, we are recommending some features for you to inspire the visitors for doing business with you.

Functional and Attractive Furniture

Furniture plays a major role in showing the attraction to the visitors, but it must be functional as well. Mostly, CEOs do not like normal desk and ordinary chairs and therefore, there is a need to buy that type of furniture which reflects the personality of the CEO. If the CEO has a traditional personality, teak desk or a solid rosewood is a perfect choice. If he or she is modern and young, minimalist designed furniture can get the attention of the visitors.

In a CEO office, there is a need of large desk as he must accommodate computer, printer and scanner, telephone set, pen and file holders, personal laptop and a smartphone, desk lamps and some decorative pieces. With these features, the CEO wants fully functional area as well where he can manage office tasks quite efficiently and effectively. The basic aim of interior designers in Pakistan is to provide a large space for giving the CEO a clutter-free environment.

Maximization of Natural Light

The CEO’s office is normally located at the most prominent place in the office. And if you can arrange natural light here, you can make the office the most beautiful one with your surroundings. With natural sunlight, floor, ceiling and windows play a major role in giving the prominence to the place. To avoid heat inside the office, electronic window blinds and UV reflective window coating are used. The desk position will be opposite to the sunshine and guests will sit in front of it. It means that the entrance of the room will be in front of windows.

Decorative Schemes

Decorative scheme is totally a personal choice and you can choose modern, traditional and a mix of both schemes according to your requirement and demand. The most suitable step in this process is to use muted colors for giving a professional look to the office. You can give a vibrant look to the office through original artwork and sculpture. This artwork will not only give a decent look to your office, but also represent your personality as well.