How Can You Make Your Home Stylish In 2018?


Like in many other fields, trends in architecture industry keep changing at the fast pace. So, for all those, who are planning to construct their new home in the year 2018, it is important to keep a track of upcoming architectural trends. For this, you can either consult the different architectural companies and even can visit the societies or localities where the construction process is going on or is about to starts.  Let’s have a look at some of the architectural trends to watch out for in year 2018.

Kitchens – A Central Hub

Kitchen is no more going to be a side-space of a home; rather it is likely to become epicenter of a house with huge allocated space. As the kitchens are getting much bigger, the trend of separate dining areas is diminishing. You could say that kitchen would serve the dual purpose – the cooking-cum dining space, where family gathers to enjoy the meal time.

Open-Plan Designs

Gone are the days when houses used to be divided into multiple sections with solid wall distinction. Now open-plan architectural designs have taken over with the purpose of providing a more spacious, airy and well-lit residence. The separation between the different areas in a house is given with mere glass sliding doors and curtains. The open-space provides a friendlier and welcoming zone in a house and in an office as well.

Transformable Rooms

The open-plan concept has allowed to create transformable rooms inside an area. These rooms/areas are not given a strictly defined theme or interior, so these can be easily transformed with the minor changes. This way, even if a house is small and have limited rooms in it, you can use the same room as a multipurpose area. If the room is decorated with the smart furniture like – a wall-bed then the transformation process could even be easier. Just fold up the bed in the morning – and convert the room into a home office or any other area of your desire. An interior designer in Pakistan can guide you the best about decorating your room in a more flexible way.

Bigger Windows

The size of the windows inside a house or office has beenis getting larger for the last few years. With the purpose of getting the outdoor in, the size of the window is getting maximized to almost the size of the wall. This promotes a brighter and open space inside an area.

Besides the above mentioned trends, you can look for the other architectural drifts too, so that your house is built on the modern-construction bases.

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