5 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Wallpaper



The use of wallpapers has more recently become the “in thing” for home decor. It is perhaps the trendiest route to transform the interior design of your house while adding aesthetic appeal to the entire room. However, while there seems no better way to style or restyle your interior using this brilliant hack, choosing the perfect wallpaper amid the abundant bountiful designs and patterns, is the tricky part.

No matter how aesthetically intelligent you might be, the wide range of wallpaper designs can essentially leave you dumbfound; from muted to multi color, from textured to metallic, and from holographic to photographic. So, let interior designers in Lahore tell you how to choose wisely; how to choose the perfect wallpaper.

#1 Choose According To The Space Available

You must always consider the space and lighting of the area you are working with, as well as the mood you want the room to convey. Wallpapers that work equally well with morning, noon and night are the best options. Using dark and dull combinations or huge prints and patterns for a relatively smaller space are definitely not the wise choice.

#2 Understand What Effects Different Patterns Render

 All architects in Pakistan agree that horizontal patterns give a widening effect to the room and a lowering effect to the ceiling. Vertical stripes make the ceiling look higher. Small patterns such as mini-prints work best in smaller spaces. Larger patterns tend to overpower, and works beset in spacious rooms. Papers with lighter background make the room appear bigger. Similarly, textured and patterned wallpapers are best at hiding imperfections in the wall surface. But flat and smooth wallpaper designs offer a more refined look to formal areas such as dining room and entryways.

#3 Know Which Patterns And Designs Are Best For Which Areas

For living rooms, wallpapers with motifs are the ideal solution since the intention here is not to attract attention but to add the relaxation element. Avoid loud colors such as reds since they cause a stimulating effect and lead to insomnia. Soft shades of pale yellow, light blue or lavender contribute towards better sleep. Similarly, for premises and hallways, wallpapers with vertical stripes are best suited since they give the illusion of bigger and higher spaces. Dark shades in smaller spaces reduce the visual space, undermining the comfort level of the room. Shades of green work best for achieving a dramatic and modern look in general.

#4 Always Choose The Paper With High Quality Finish

Whether the design is bold or subtle, and whether the color combination is loud or soft, a refined and sophisticated finish can only be attained through high quality wallpaper.

#5 Your Wallpaper Must Depict The Story You Want To Tell

The choice of your wallpaper inevitably describes a story. Whether it is about your mood, or your idea of space and context, the wallpaper on your wall must depict your instinct and notion towards life in general. So, while your friend might like bold patterns with colorful design, you might settle with a neutral design in soft and subtle colors.