5 Prevailing Interior Designing Trends For The Year 2018

The year 2018 is on the horizon, so are the new interior designing trends. Design and trends in interior designing keep changing every year. So, in the upcoming year, interior designers in Pakistan are also expecting some considerable changes in the overall home decor trends.

Let’s know about top five trends which are expected to take over in the year 2018.

3D Wall Patterns

Be it a living room feature wall or a TV lounge main wall, 3D wall patterns are going to be prevalent all around. These 3D wall designs are either created with 3D tiles or with wallpapers set on the walls. Even the main wall of the bedroom could also be decorated with 3D patterns. 3D rugs could be hanged to create the particular pattern.

Velvet Fabric


Velvet fabric is going to take over everything from sofas to curtains and pillows. Velvety upholstery promotes a softer, cozier and luxurious feel of your home interior. Even the rugs hanged on the walls and spread on the ground could be of the same material to maintain a coherent look throughout a home interior.

Typographic Patterns

typographi- image-IHA

You would have seen the pillows, cushions, T-shirts and even the upholstery with particular typography embossed or typed on it, in the shops, in the markets and even on the online sales purchase websites. These are going to be the part of 2018 interior designing trends too. The pillows, bed spreads, rugs, cushions with typography would be seen all around the home interior in the upcoming year. You could even get custom made typographic cushions and pillows or you.

Brown And Beige Green And Golden


We can’t name a single set of color to be dominant in the upcoming year. There are a certain colors which are going to replace the outdated ones. Brown and beige and green and golden are expected to be seen on the walls, on the ceiling, on the windows, in the furniture and even on the floor. Green and golden are meant to represent the autumn. The walls could be painted green whereas the furniture, upholstery and floor rugs could be given a golden touch. Even the wallpapers with different patterns carrying the hues of green and golden could also be hanged.

Metal Furnishing



You know what is best about metallic furnishing? It carries little space and little weight. Be it a small cornered stand, a candle stand, an art piece or any other thing, metallic furnishing is space-saving and simultaneously carries traditional and modern look. The metallic furnishing with golden or metallic color gives a more classic feel to a particular area in your house.