5 Most Common Interior Design Mistakes


Just like no person is perfect, no interior design is perfect either. So before you embark on the journey to improve your interior, let us share five key lessons from the projects that didn’t really go well.

Mistake # 1 – Exposed Storage is equal to Exposed Clutter

One of the most common mistakes designers often make is to have open storage such as shelves or nightstands that have an open base. Since, there are exposed storage, you then really need to consider what you put on them, because that essentially becomes your design. Clutter must necessarily be hidden by storage, and not exposed. That gives a very untidy look to your room. So make sure you have a neatly-organized storage and also pay ample attention to the color groupings to make it even more aesthetically appealing. You want an artful, eclectic mix of items, not a chaotic mess.

Mistake # 2 – Furniture that blends in too well

While this might apparently sound absurd, but adding furniture that blends in too well is a pretty common mistake that makes your home look like a furniture showroom. A varied and collected look tends to add personality to your interior. But a matching bed frame with matching side tables and matching dressing just makes your room look like a cataloger that misses on the personality. Interior designers in Pakistan suggest that best rooms are fundamentally those which seem to have been collected over a period of time.

Mistake # 3 – Dull and Inadequately Lit Interior

Sometimes you need something more than a mere overhead light. Inadequately lit interiors make the rooms dull, boring and life-less. On the other hand, extra lighting makes the room bright, full of life, more dynamic and rich. Layer lighting then is perhaps the solution to this mistake. So you should aim to have ambient lighting using a variety of props such as floor lamps and table lamps, etc. Sconces and table and floor lamps are the best ways to add secondary lighting to a room to make it more visually interesting, as well as more functional.

Mistake # 4 – Empty Space with no Accessories

You should never underestimate the value of adding accessories to add look and feel to your interior. This is perhaps the little styling touches that add life to your space. Having small decoration pieces, indoor plants and wall murals is equally important as big pieces of furniture, rugs, TV and sofas.

Mistake # 5 – Too many Photos

Everybody loves to showcase their family photos. But doing do while overloading your mantels, shelves and side tables with pictures is not a good idea really. It has been witnessed more than often that people exhibit large size photos on walls in every room, all across their shelves and tables, to relish and relive their memories. But if you are really looking to minimize the chaotic effect of collage-style displays, you should actually consider choosing a few of your favorite photos and mounting them in a series of contemporary gold or silver frames. Creating a memory wall that showcases a small gallery of your most cherished photos is perhaps a better idea, which is both tasteful as well as cohesive.